These summaries are intended to communicate restrictions of HillCrest HOA in more readable formatting and language. The summaries are not a legal analysis of the CC&Rs. They are also not thorough summaries that address every detail of the
CC&Rs. The Board of Directors wants these summaries to communicate those restrictions which prompt the most common questions or raise the highest concern so that we can effectively enforce them throughout our HillCrest community. All
CC&Rs are available on our Web site, and everyone is encouraged to consult the official documents in addition to reading these summaries.

Modifications requiring prior approval:
Please review the information outlined in the

Acc. Request Form

The ACC (Architectural Control Committee) reviews and approves plans to modify or reconstruct many aspects of HillCrest homes and lots. The purpose of the committee is to maintain property values by protecting the environmental and architectural integrity of the Subdivision in accordance with the provisions of the Declaration.

Covenant Summaries:

Acc. Request Form

Single Family Residence

Walls & Fences


Lot Maintenance

Storage of Boats, Trailers, etc.

Rubbish Removal

Animal Husbandry


Burglar Bars – Window Treatment


Renting or Leasing

Enforcement of All