Hillcrest Neighborhood Safety Watch
A registered NW Program
To participate, contact the HillcrestSafety Coordinator: [email protected] 

The NW Manual for your review.


What Hillcrest Neighborhood Safety Watch Is and Isn’t

       It Is…
A crime prevention program where neighbors “LOOK OUT FOR EACH OTHER!”       It Is…A crime prevention program that encourages Neighbors to get to know each other so that they can
observe and report suspicious activity.

       It Is…A crime prevention program which trains Participants on the importance of recognizing suspicious
activities, how to evaluate them and properly report them to police.

It Isn’t…A vigilante force working outside the normal procedures of the local police department.

      It Isn’t…A 100% guarantee that crime will not occur in your neighborhood.

      It Isn’t…A program designed for Participants to undertake personal risks to deter crime.